Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Photo Illustration

I pictured my photo turning out so much better than this. I couldn't figure out how to get the second pump to look right on the corn. Everything I did it just looked fake so I decided that it wasn't going to get a pump.

Shot with canon 20D gas station: 28mm lens 200 iso f5 @1/1250
studio corn#1: 38mm lens 200 iso f25 1/60
studio corn#2: 38mm lens 200 iso f25 1/100


DS Clark Photo said...

Your lighting matches up well on the 1st pump with the natural light coming down, and I like how you made the 2nd pump darker. I really like your concept and its executed nicely!

Jonathan E. Andrews said...

The lighting on this is pretty good. Where the shadows fall in the scene and where the sunlight peaks through is replicated almost perfectly on the corn. It would seem you did some pre-visualizing before you made the image.

Emily Veon said...

Sagen, this is a lot better picture than I had in my mind! Nice Job!

Jessica M. Benton said...

This looks like it could be in Newsweek in an editorial about ethanol fuels. I like how the nozzles stick into the corn. Good job.

Danny Bayer said...

Ummm, giant corn. . . Looks pretty good. The lighting matches up really nice across the whole scene.