Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Friday Night Football

I was really nervous about shooting Friday Night Football, but it turned out to be alot of fun, except for the heat. I found it really hard to follow the football with the 300mm lens, you never know what direction it will be going next.

I cheated a little with this shot, as you can see I shot this when the sun was still out. Central Davidson's team ran out onto the field right infront of me and I thought it was a nice shot.

Shot on Canon 20D, 300mm lens, 1/800 at f2.8, ISO 400


Christy Bullins said...

I absolutely love this shot. Great perspective. I feel like I am at the game, cheering the team on! Awesome job.

Jessica M. Benton said...

The idea of shooting football is very boring to me, but you captured my attention with this image. I really like your small DOF and how all the guys are in a line. It looks nice.